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There are many job opportunities for the qualified dental assistants to assist dentists in the dental profession. Although one desires to be trained in this profession, however, there are challenges that prevent them from attending school.  It is difficult for most people to attend school on a full time basis because they have to work to earn a living.  The expense necessary to finance schooling in a major college is also another reason most people are discouraged in pursuing further education.

We feel  the dental assisting program offered at our school will meet these challenges.  The nighttime and weekend class schedules are designed to accommodate working students. The very affordable tuition fee will also solve the financing issues for most prospective students.  Students are accepted regardless of sex, race, age, marital status, religious creed, ethnic or national origin.

The Dental Assisting Curriculum is an instructional program providing a 16-week Dental Assisting Course consisting of 96 hours of lecture and lab and a 50-hour internship with a practicing dentist.  The program utilizes a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing.  Students will be trained in a state of the art facility that allows them exposure to all aspects of dental technology.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of dental assisting needed to start a career. Upon course completion, students will receive a Certificate in Radiology, Dental Assisting and CPR.

We are also a proud member of the American Dental Assistants Association and are proud to annually support the ADAA’s Education Foundation

Dr. Stacy Blackmon

Lead Instructor
Mrs. Brandy Smith

Mission Statement


Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to our students:

  • To instill personal responsibilities within their professional lives
  • To enhance personal growth, self-sufficiency and positive self-esteem
  • To provide quality service to the dental community by giving the students individual guidance (never exceeding 12-15 students per class)
  • To be one of the best centers for learning in the dental assisting profession

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