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Do you have a course catalog/application form?

Absolutely!  You can download the full catalog by clicking the button below;


What are the types of responsibilities I will have on a daily basis?

Every day is different so a career is never boring.  You are generally responsible for:

  • Making and processing x-rays as well as checking for errors
  • Being competent in OSHA standards when sterilizing and disinfecting equipment, instruments and the treatment rooms
  • Chairside assistance to the doctor or the other assistants
  • Training patients on preventative care and walking them through procedures to assure they are comfortable during their procedure
  • Taking impressions for whitening teeth and fabricating nightguards
  • Schedule appointments for patients and to be a confident liaison between the patient, dentist and front office staff
How do I apply for an internship?

Unlike many assisting programs the school will take care of this for you.  NO worries on your end!


Many will have an internship at the state of the art dental office of Dr. Blackmon at Lake Wylie Dentistry, or at the School itself. As our internship roster grows we will be offering more internship opportunities.

What does a certificate from the school entail?
As a graduate of the Lake Wylie School of Dental Assisting, you will receive a certificate of dental assisting, a CPR certificate  and a dental radiology certificate. With good grades, this certificate can also make your candidacy more competitive when applying for dental hygiene programs or dental schools.
Do you offer any tuition payment options?

Yes, if you are not capable of paying the full tuition up front, the school will offer an easy, interest free installment payment plan.  These terms are available to all students who need assistance.  The plan will consist of 4 installment payments:


1st installment upon enrollment; $1,125
2nd installment at 4th week of class; $1,125
3rd installment at 8th week of class; $1,125
4th installment at 12th week of class; $1,125

Does North Carolina and South Carolina have different laws about dental assisting?
Yes, they do.  To find a list of each states requirements and definitions of DAI and DAII click on the links below for the appropriate state.


South Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners

North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners

For a list of delegable functions for DA I and DA II, please refer to the DANB latest publication for the state you are practicing within.

Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) / South Carolina

Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) / North Carolina

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