Training Focus

We firmly stand behind hands-on training.  You will experience valuable hands-on participation even during the academic lecture course time.  This will include handling dental instruments for restorative dental work/extractions, taking impressions for whitening trays as well as making whitening trays and in-office nightguards, making temporaries and taking x-rays along with interpreting the quality of them.

After all, you can only learn something by doing it!!

We also believe in a positive one-on-one learning environment and that is why our classes will never exceed 15 students.  By limiting the class size each student will receive the attention they deserve in order to become the assistant we know they can be.

While the students are in the clinical training, the school expects students to wear the appropriate dental scrubs and protective wear. Each student will be informed of where you can find the required materials or they will be dispensed at the orientation.

We will do our best to assure each graduate has a chance at employment after completing the course. To help assure this, we will hold mock interviews, review interview etiquette and how to answer difficult questions during the interview.  We will also work with each student to assure they have a quality resume to enter the working world.


  • Notebook, Writing Utensils, Pocket Folders
  • Ceil Blue Scrub Pants and any professional scrub top
  • Comfortable white or black tennis shoes or nursing shoes
  • Lab jacket


Skills Acquired

Students that graduate from this program will be able to effectively perform the following procedures:

  • Pass instruments and supplies to the dentist
  • Use suction devices to keep patients mouth clear and dry
  • Learn to take good quality IO photos
  • Prepare materials
  • Set-up and sterilize instruments and equipment
  • Remove sutures
  • Apply topical anesthetics
  • Apply bleaching agents and fissure sealants
  • Remove stained and soft deposits from the clinical crown of a tooth
  • Take and develop x-rays-digitally and manually
  • Take impressions of patient’s teeth
  • Make good quality temporary crowns
  • Obtain patient’s medical history
  • Obtain blood pressure and pulse
  • Provide instructions on preventive dentistry and oral hygiene
  • Be familiar with Dentrix dental software and Dexus x-ray software
  • Be familiar with OSHA and HIPPA protocol
  • Medical emergencies, render basic first aid and CPR
  • Preparation for interviews-difficult interview questions and how to answer them
  • Create a resume


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